Bertók László is a renowned poet from Vése

Bertók László is a renowned poet from Vése, born on December 6, 1935. After the high-school graduation he worked in Marcali. He went to university in Pécs where he majored in Hungarian and History and he also completed a Library Science degree. He spent 8 months in prison because of his poetry in 1955. Then he worked as a day-laborer in Vése , but already in 1958 he became an accountant. From 1959 to 1965 he was a librarian in the district library of Nagyatád and between 1965 and 1977 in the Teacher''s College in Pécs. He was the director of the city library of Pécs. He has been a contributing editor of Jelenkor since 1975 and has received several prizes (Radnóti-prize, József Attila-prize, Graves-prize).