The mayor's greetings 


All community are curious about their own past, where they come from, the effects produced on them, how long ago they were founded.

Our small village, as we find out from this guide, is more than 700 years old. 
It is a pity that the compiler of this guide does not tell about either patriotic or heroic deeds from the history of Vése, not even a romantic love idyll or a melodrama of jealousy. Our chronicler did not find centuries-old popular customs or traditions either in the past of Vése, although they would add colour to our tourist trade to establish. After all, reviewing past and present helps to answer the question: how to continue? We would like to provide a bunch of ideas to the reader and ask to think about them and support their realisation. First of all we should create a hostel and a guesthouse that would receive home and foreign guests all year long. This would give employment to a lot of people. And once the guests are here, we could take them to the vintage, to hunt or to fish in the nearby fishpond of Varászló. There are more and more people in the village that learn German, which will facilitate communication.

With this present informative we would like to support the aims mentioned above. We did not intend to create a full, comprehensive image of the past and present of our village. We do not have either the financial or the spiritual capacity for that.

With the creation of our website we would like to give only an overall picture to the visitors of what our village looks like, who live here and what possibilities are in store for us for the next couple of years. If we have managed to arouse your interest in our village and its immediate surroundings, we would be happy to welcome you here in person.

Kind regards:
Mayor László Bertók